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Everywhere are couples,
yet I choose to live alone.
Is this from fear or wisdom?
A bit of both, of course;
solitary lives need not be
unhappy, nor do relationships
guarantee love. Each comes with
its lessons and opportunities to grow.

L ingering
O pening
V iewing
E verything

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Hidden deep inside

Locked away

Inside a secret box

Untold stories

Unhealed wounds

Jagged scars a mile long

A haunting darkness

A broken path

Things unseen

Horrors lived and never forgotten

Hidden deep inside

Locked away

A pain

An ache

A sickness

A disease

A gnawing

A clawing

A never-ending self loathing


Self doubt

Words never said

Always later

Never appropriate

Now too late

Gone far away

Never to return

My soul connection

I love you my friend….

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What a fabulous week it was traveling to Niagara Falls. It was my 4th time traveling there within the last 3 months. It is only an hour and a few minutes away from Toronto, driving. They made this incredible house that is upside down. It is awesome. Niagara Falls is such a beautiful place. I know the whole place by heart now. I can’t wait to go back in 2 weeks with friends. Then I am heading to Montreal the weekend after. Gotta enjoy summertime as much as possible because summer is not a long season and it goes by way too fast than the other seasons, I find. The weather was scorching hot in Niagara Falls. Thank goodness for an Air conditioned car and hotel room. 🙂 Anyway, I am sort of exhausted, so I will leave it at this today. Thanks for tuning in.

All the best

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