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Everywhere are couples,
yet I choose to live alone.
Is this from fear or wisdom?
A bit of both, of course;
solitary lives need not be
unhappy, nor do relationships
guarantee love. Each comes with
its lessons and opportunities to grow.

L ingering
O pening
V iewing
E verything

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Hidden deep inside

Locked away

Inside a secret box

Untold stories

Unhealed wounds

Jagged scars a mile long

A haunting darkness

A broken path

Things unseen

Horrors lived and never forgotten

Hidden deep inside

Locked away

A pain

An ache

A sickness

A disease

A gnawing

A clawing

A never-ending self loathing


Self doubt

Words never said

Always later

Never appropriate

Now too late

Gone far away

Never to return

My soul connection

I love you my friend….

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I’ve had the opportunity to go on a life long wish –  a Mediterranean cruise.

Here’s the essence of one the countries we visited – Ephesus, Turkey. Our guide commented that during its time, all learned men use to spend hours at the Library of Celsus but what the women folk didn’t know is that the library had secret passages under ground that lead to brothels. Ah,so much to learn!

Walking through the ruins gives you an idea of how the town might have looked. At the end of our tour they did a mock gladiator fight and that just made the surrounding even more credible. It was another great experience!

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What a fabulous week it was traveling to Niagara Falls. It was my 4th time traveling there within the last 3 months. It is only an hour and a few minutes away from Toronto, driving. They made this incredible house that is upside down. It is awesome. Niagara Falls is such a beautiful place. I know the whole place by heart now. I can’t wait to go back in 2 weeks with friends. Then I am heading to Montreal the weekend after. Gotta enjoy summertime as much as possible because summer is not a long season and it goes by way too fast than the other seasons, I find. The weather was scorching hot in Niagara Falls. Thank goodness for an Air conditioned car and hotel room. 🙂 Anyway, I am sort of exhausted, so I will leave it at this today. Thanks for tuning in.

All the best

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